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  • Keep 2nd Skin bandage on for three days.

  •  if you have hard labor/grimy job come in for a follow up 5 day bandage to protect tattoo (it's free, our treat)

    • When removing, do so in the shower. lift edge to allow hot water to loosen. then peel bandage along the skin using a downward motion (just rip that sucker off, no need to go slow, tattoo isn't going anywhere. don't torture yourself)

  • Wash your tattoo with a good hand-pump soap (e.g. Gold Dial or softsoap foam)  do not use bar soaps or body washes

  • Pat dry with clean paper towels

  • Once the tattoo is fully dry, apply a pea/dime size amount of a light lotion to start with:

    • We recommend: Palmers cocoa butter, cetaphil, or aveeno for use as your lotion throughout the healing process​. they are light and easily manageable. so if you feel you overused, can wait 10 minutes and pat off any excess with clean papertowel

  • do not use any ointments or heavy creams/oils ( so no aquaphor, A&d, lubriderm, Eucerin, or emu/coconut oil)

  • Applying the lotion is not about keeping it super moisturized! you are just preventing it from drying out

Repeat above process 2-3 times as needed per day until fully healed|just pay attention to your body. don't overdo the easy part

Do Not:

  • No pools, lakes/oceans, hot tubs, hiking, barter faires, festivals, camping, or baths (please shower though. Please) for 2 Weeks

  • Do not pick/itch at the tattoo during the scabbing/flaking portion of the healing process (cold papertowel or slapping the hell out works)

  • No tanning/sun bathing until fully healed (it will fucking hurt without those top layers skin buffering the heat/sun)

  • Do not partake in activities that may cause damage to your healing skin (e.g. hiking, rock climbing, etc.)

  • do not use any ointments or heavy creams/oils ( so no aquaphor, A&d, lubriderm, Eucerin, or emu/coconut/whatever oil)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your artist

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