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 Frequently Asked Questions in regards to Tattoos and our Policies

  • What is your Hourly Rate/ Shop Minimum/ Deposit/Retainers?
  • Half-Days(4hrs) are 1000 and Full Days(8hrs) are 2000. Plan for an hour before and after tattoo time (only charged for tattoo time) to accomodate for going over design to make any modifications (if needed), stencil placement so we can make sure everything aligns perfectly with your body flow, and the photography/photoshoot afterwards along with bandaging and going over aftercare. 
  • (Full days client and artist will often take a break together, pausing time, and we order some food. This allows for a little respite and recharge time. Is my treat as the artist. )
  • How far out are you usually booked? 
  • We actively book 2-3 months out, then close our books when we're full 3 months out. We re-open mid-cycle to start booking again 2-3 months out. This allows us to have some lee-way if  child gets sick and we can't tattoo. That way can easily reschedule anybody without having to move them farther out than the end of the cycle (2-3 months) as opposed to if we kept our books open a year or more out like we used to. 
  • Is there a deposit to schedule and does it go towards tattoo? 
  • Yes, and yes. Deposits/Retainers are a non-refundable half session down (500/1000 before tax) and go towards your tattoo cost. They will secure your appointment date and time, and allow for us to begin the design process. If you need to reschedule we do require 48hrs notice or you forfeit the deposit and will have to put another down for new appointment. Just communicate with us and we're pretty understanding and flexible. Life happens. Respect our time as we respect yours. No Call No Showing is not acceptable. Gratefully it's a rare occurrence. 
  • Do I lose my Deposit/Retainer if I need to reschedule?
  •  No of course not! We just require 48hrs notice of reschedule so we can properly adjust our schedule and cover the timeslot appropriately. We want our clients to be in a comfortable state of mind, looking forward to the tattoo and experience as you sit in our chair prepping to get stabbed a bunch for some awesome artwork. Because of that, oftentimes we are the ones to recommend a reschedule when we find out a client is going through a tough time financially, or a big negative event happens (lost house/car crash/ etc;). 
  • Do I lose my Deposit/Retainer if I "No Call No Show"?  
  • A big resounding Fuck yeah you do! We are predominantly requested to do larger projects. As such aren't able to fill that time slot without due notice, so your deposit/retainer is forfeited to marginally compensate services rendered and available time lost to earn money. That's a major chunk of our projected income gone we have no way of getting back, and we're humans with bills too. Please give notice. Especially if you're just running a little late. 30 minutes late with no communication is also considered a No Call No Show as it staggers the rest of our appointments that day too much to compensate for without notice.  Just communicate with us and let us know. Shit happens. It's fine usually. But nobody's Gramma has ever died 6 times either, so if not truthful, at least be creative. 
  • Can I use Numbing Cream?
  •  Nope. Please talk to your Artist first before using anything on your skin! It changes the skin biology that requires particular techniques to properly do without causing excess trauma. So NO we do NOT allow the use of numbing cream and will have to reschedule your appointment if you do.  
 Hope that covers the basics for y'all but if there's anything else you're curious about please ask. And if there's any other FAQ's you might have liked to see up there please let me know! We're always trying to evolve! Y'all are the best, we appreciate every one of you and can't wait to get started on your fun new (or returning) project!
Talk to you soon! Much Love!
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