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  • 250/hr/minimum 

  • 1000/Half-Day (4hrs) 

  • 1600/Full-Day (8hrs)

  • Deposit/Retainer: Half the Session (goes towards cost)

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  My name is Ryan Chapman and I’ve been a full-time tattoo artist for 16 years.

I specialize in custom/bespoke, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect each person’s individual personality and style.

 Born in Southern Georgia I moved from the states when I was 7. Growing up overseas in Japan and Iceland, it was the influence of these unique cultures I developed my passion for art, before settling in Washington state and beginning my tattoo career.

 I have been fortunate enough to work with clients of many backgrounds all over this country, winning multiple tattoo awards nationwide, along with having my artwork and oil paintings published internationally.


 I strive to create unique, meaningful pieces that honor my clients’ stories. Using my knowledge of lore, religion, mythology, symbolism, art history, and psychology to bring to life their ideas and concepts. 

Let's create some magick together! 

Book Your Tattoo Here:

Book Your Tattoo Here:

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