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Meet your artist

My name is Ryan Chapman and I’ve been a Professional Tattoo Artist for 16 years.

 I specialize predominantly in Color Surrealism Portraits, Stylized Realism, Illustrative, and New School tattoos.

I love both bright vibrant colors and strong elegant black and greys.

These tattoo styles and techniques allow me to create bespoke, individualized designs tailored to reflect your unique personality and story. 


 Born in Southern Georgia I moved from the states when I was 7. Growing up overseas in Japan and Iceland, it was the influence of these unique cultures that developed my passion for art before settling in to Washington State and beginning my tattoo career.

My extensive background in oil painting and photography influences my thought processes when I approach tattoo composition and color theory.

 A painting for the flesh. 

 I love to travel all over the world and have been fortunate to work with clients and artists of many backgrounds all over this country. Winning multiple tattoo awards nationwide, along with having my tattoos and oil paintings published internationally.


I've devoted my life to tattoo and I love getting to share that with you, my clients, every day.

Tattooing is  not just about creating a stellar piece of art, but providing an elevated experience. Human connection and interaction; shared stories of laughter and pains.

Tattoo has become one of the last few trials we can put ourselves through in a controlled setting, and I'm here to guide you through it. Helping you process while in a comfortable and accommodating environment.

Leaving you with something beautiful you can look at with pride and show to your friends and family, full bragging rights.


To give you an idea of the shop, first thing that will be apparent is I love plants.

You will see them all over the shop, along with my oil paintings and Victorian furniture.

During your tattoo session you will have access to a refreshment section and the big screen TV. We have all the streaming apps available so you can binge whatever shows you're in the middle of or we can go on a movie marathon together. If music is more your thing we'll pull up Spotify and I'd love to hear your favorite playlists. Clients that retain a Full Day session receive a complimentary food order halfway through the session. I like to keep my shop warm and welcoming, comfortable.

It is my home away from home. My Island of Misfit Toys. 

I'm looking forward to creating with you!

Welcome to Posterity Tattoo.

Our goal is to make your tattoo experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our Private Luxury Studio, located in Spokane's sought-after Garland District, provides a tranquil atmosphere where our expert tattoo artists will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Discover your unique style and book a consultation today.

Spokane Washington Garland District

608 West Garland Ave


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Address of Posterity Tattoo Shop:

608 W Garland Ave Spokane, WA 99205


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Email inquries or questions:

Book by appointment only

Appointment options & price breakdown

  • 300/hr/minimum

  • 1000/Half-day(4hrs)

  • 1600/full-day(8hrs)


retainer/deposit is half the session

(goes towards tattoo cost)

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