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Email Consultation Guidelines

 Online Consultations are now consolidated to Emails so no messages get lost, buried, or unseen within the many social media platforms out there these days. Below are a few guidelines to assist you in getting started. 



In the message portion of your submission, please be sure to include the following:

  • Description of tattoo Concept/Theme/Message to portray

  • Area you'd like to have tattoo placed (sleeve, halfsleeve, pec, forearm, etc;)

  • Preference of Black and Grey or Color 

  • Notate if you're looking for Half/Full/Hourly Session

  • Any questions you may have about the process

  • Attach any reference images that may assist you articulate the concept/design 

    • These don't necessarily need to be of the specific subject matter you are looking to have done, for they allow me to see what styles/compositions you gravitate towards​; These may include pictures of tattoos I've already done that you like the style of. 

  • Please include/attach photo of area that you would like to have tattoo placed.

    • Position camera parallel to the area if you can, or have a partner assist you

    • We put this photo(s) in our art programs to do the design work of your tattoo. This allows us to build accurate composition to make sure it is sized properly and proportionally to maintain body flow over time whether you gain/lose mass.

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